126/5000 Tool Tube Adjustment For Tube Expansion Tool CT-100A Range


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Six Steps:

1 burr into the tube.

2To create perfectly expanded to weld tubes or brazing, you should use End of copper tube soft or fully annealed to be expanded.

3 pull XpandR. handle up to 90-degree position. Keep this position as you screw The appropriate size for the center-punch and tighten. Insert the end of the tube over the XpandR

4. head completely.

5 Pull the lever all the way down.

6 return the lever to the 90-degree position. Remove the expanded tube.

Characteristics 1Hand-operated, single-stage expansion is designed to expand robing for fast, precise soft copper joints, aluminum, aluminum and soft steel pipes without using accessories. 2 Free-floating and self-centering expansion mechanism 3 Expander segments are made from high quality tempered steel. CT-100A Tool Expansion Tube Expansion rangeDiameter16-28mm or 1/2 "-1 1/8" Combination With CT-100A + CT-312 + CT-207 Passes away Inch (CT-100A): 3/8 ", 1/2", 5/8 ", 3/4", 7/8 ", 1", 1-1 / 8 "OD. Material Aluminum alloy

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