12PCS Childrens Percussion Toy Set


Color: Multicolor

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12 PCS Children's Percussion Toy Set Preschool Education Tool With Carrying Case


  • Inspiration Set: The 12Pcs Music Percussion Set contains shaker eggs, rattles, hand bells, knocking on the piano, rattles, drums, taps, and hits all mode instruments. It also comes with a clear handbag that is ideal for cleaning and storing all instruments.
  • The set includes 12 different instruments to suit each child and is ideal for individual or group games. The perfect instrumental toy set discovers the sensitivity and potential of music and audio, researching the original musical concept, creating more interaction between parents and children through toy toys.
  • A variety of musical toys, including shaking, percussion and musical instruments, provide beautiful melodies.
  • Ideal for young children, preschoolers and early elementary school students, they show a passion for music.
  • Bright and vibrant colors appeal to children, and this musical percussion set helps discover the potential and sensitivity of music.

Product parameters:

  • Packing size: 30x20x10cm/11.8x7.8x3.9
  • Package weight: 1000g


  • 1x knocking on the piano
  • 1x drum
  • 1x rattle drum
  • 1x semicircular rattle
  • 1x castanets
  • 1x cylindrical rattle
  • 2x rattle
  • 2x sand hammer
  • 2x sand egg

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