50ml Aromatherapy Machine Timed Automatic Spraying Fragrance


Color: 2.0dedicated

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1. Deodorization: This product dissipates the odor of cute pets and musty in the bathroom, making the space rich and fresh.
2. Easy to hang: wall-mounted and table-top two placement methods, better adapt to various occasions, let the fragrance diffuse to every corner of the house.
3. 3 gear timing: 3 gears freely adjustable design, can choose gears according to space requirements, after preset gears, regular intermittent spraying, work for 2 hours and stop for 2 hours (cycle) so that the fragrance can be stopped.

This aroma diffuser can help freshen the indoor air and eliminate odors in the air.


Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery
Atomization area: 50mᄇ
Product gear: three-speed adjustment
Essential oil content: 50ml
Product size: 52*48*148mm
Function: Aromatherapy
Shape: columnar
Rated voltage: 5v
Power supply mode: dry battery

Package Content:

1 * Aroma diffuser

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