Autowit SuperCap 2 12-Volt Battery-less Portable Jump Starter

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Equipped with Supercapacitors Supercapacitors have larger capacities! Never Requires Regular Charging The supercapacitor absorbs a small amount of power remaining in the car battery and quickly amplifies it thereby generating the power needed to start the engine within a few minutes.  Safe Auto with SuperCap 2 does not have a lithium battery so it does not require pre-charging is lightweight and requires no maintenance.  Excellent Performer in Extreme Weather Conditions SuperCap 2 can work in extremely cold weather (-40℃/40℉) during snowstorms or blizzards and resist high temperature (70℃/158℉) e.g. desert dry-heat environment. Long Life and Economical Since it has a supercapacitor it has a life of over 20 years. In addition it is a very economical product that can be used more than 1 million times.  For Motorcycles and Tractors In addition to cars SuperCap 2 can be used for motorcycles tractors and motorboats equipped with a 12V battery.


How to Jump-Start Your Vehicle with Autowit?

There are four ways to charge and amplify the power in a short time. With this Autowit SuperCap 2 even if the car battery is dead you can restart the engine yourself saving time and money.

1. From your own car battery with very little power remaining (about 3 minutes)
2. Use another car battery (about 3 minutes)
3.From cigarette lighter socket (about 3 minutes)
4.Use a power bank (about 45 minutes)
(Note: In very rare cases the car battery is completely dead you can charge and zoom in from the cigarette lighter socket of another car or the Micro USB terminal of the mobile battery)

Jump Start:
1. Attach both boost clamps to your vehicle's corresponding battery terminals. (Red/+ Black/-)
2. Charging starts automatically when the buzzer sounds for 0.5 seconds. It will sound again when fully charged.
3. Press the power button to start the discharge countdown for 10 seconds.
4. When the countdown ends and the buzzer continues to sound you can start the engine.


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