Baby Bottle Warmer Insulation Cover USB Car Portable


Color: Blue

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Product information:

Use power: USB voltage 5V/current 2A
USB cable length: 1.2 meters
Applicable feeding bottle: diameter 5-8CM, feeding bottles of various capacities on the market can be used.
Applicable bottle material: plastic, silicone, glass, iron can, carton and other materials.
Applicable power supply: USB charger / car USB interface / mobile power supply.
Product function: only need to provide power, keep warm for 24 hours, so that the original temperature will remain unchanged for a long time.

Note: The output of the USB power interface must be 5V/2A. If the power supply current is small, it may cause slow or no heat generation. Please use a USB 5V/2A standard charger.

Milk heater X1;USBcableX1

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