Baby Towel


Color: 10style

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Product category: Triangle scarf
Applicable gender: neutral/male and female
Fabric: Pure cotton (above 95%)
Composition: Pure cotton
Color: zebra smiley series (waterproof 4 packs), poached egg candy series (waterproof 4 packs), moon chicken soft series 5, alphabet puppy soft series 5, geometric jumping rabbit soft series 5, pink bohemian 5 Asian, 5 Korean Tide Treasure Triangles, 5 Animal Clouds, 5 Trojan Cloud Series, 5 Music Cherry Group, 5 Giraffe Camera Group, 5 Fox and Whale Group, 5 Pumpkin Moon Soft Series, Japanese and Korean Green Series 5 pieces, 5 pieces of new pink rainbow horses, five pieces of gauze, new ins

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