CobaltX Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock

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The CobaltX Wireless Charging Pad has an added LED clock making it perfect for your desk nightstand kitchen and anywhere you need an extra charge. This charging pad is compatible with iPhones and Samsung phones; all you need to do is set your phone on the pad to start charging. Specifications: Power: 5W Input: >5V/2A Output: 5V/1A Limited Quantity Available


  • CHARGING CONVENIENCE: This wireless charger pad clock was made easy to use and is a Qi charger compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones at your home office or bedside. to make your nightstand with charging station very convenient and your power hub!

  • BUILT-IN SMART IC TECHNOLOGY: Light up wireless charger prevents phones from overcharging but this still maintains a fast wireless charger.

  • ADDED LED CLOCK: Ever wonder the time while you put your phone to charge or just need a clock on your desk that also charges your device? The CobaltX Charging Pad can be used on nightstands desks and counters as an essential clock wireless fast charger for everyone! Especially with the 12 or 24-hour functionality!

  • PERFECT SIZE: This clock with a wireless Charger is different because of the perfect size. You can take it anywhere you would be putting your device. It is portable for your convenience never lose battery AGAIN!

  • NEVER BEND FOR WIRES AGAIN: Just place on the Qi-Certified clock charging station for perfect quick access charging!


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