Pop Fidget Sensory Toys for Adults and Kids - 6 Piece Set

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PLEASE NOTE: You will receive 6 different fidgets but they will be the same color. The color will be chosen at random. This is an easy activity enjoyed by all ages: just press the bubbles and they will make a slight popping sound then flip them and start again poking the bubbles.


  • Easily cleaned- washable and reusable.
  • Provides hours of fun.
  • Satisfying like popping bubble wrap.
  • Sensory toys.
  • Tons of colors and shapes.
  • Great stress reliever.
  • Great for a parent-child activity.
  • Using the exquisite mini racing game each player takes turns pressing as many bubbles as you want in a row and the player who presses the last mouse then loses the game. Press and pop toys are a great tool for hair pullers skin pickers and other sensory searchers.
  • Includes: 6 pieces


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