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- Shocking ball gives out random electric zaps to unsuspecting victims.The game possibilities are endless!
- This shock ball is fun and entertaining to play with friends and family,similar to Hot Potato game,has lots of different games that can be played by your imagination!
- Auto off function for safety.
- The shocking ball come with exquisite package,be a exciting and funny gift for your friends (14 age above) when birthday or Christmas party.
- What is an electric shock between friends? The tensest of games! Games:This product emits and electric shock: 1. Hot Potato: Pass the ball from player to player. If you drop it you are out...last one wins; 2. Whose Round Is It? Similar to Hot Potato, but the first player to drop it buys the drinks; 3. Tough Guy: Hold the ball for as long as possible. the longest times wins.

Material:Plastic shell
Diameter: About 7cm
Battery: 2 AAA batteries are required (not included)
Note: Not suitable for under 14 years

Package includes:
1 x Electronic Shock Ball

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