Solar Juice Touch Solar Powered Battery Pack with Qi Charging Pad - 1 or 2 Pack

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Get more out of your favorite devices on the go with the Solar Juice Touch the ideal solution for camping hiking and all other outdoor needs. Store solar power in its powerful 10 000 mash battery or charge it from your home or computer for later. The wireless Qi technology allows Solar Juice Touch to transfer power to any Qi-enabled device. Includes standard USB ports to allow for charging with cords.


  • A solar-powered portable charger that's shockproof drop-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Wirelessly charges Qi-enabled devices.
  • Has a USB 2. 0 port and Micro USB Type-C port for charging devices with cords.
  • The large 10 000 mash battery can fully charge most smartphones 3-5 times over before needing to recharge the Solar Juice Touch.
  • Features a charge level indicator and a built-in flashlight.


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