Space Hero Rainwear Set


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Space Heroes have little fear, but lots of curiosity. A boy with Kidorable Space Hero Rainwear explores the galaxy in search of fun and adventure. I am a Space Hero. What will you be?

Special features:

  • Matching Kidorable Space Hero umbrella, coat, and boots
  • Comes with a free Kidorable hanger
  • Coats are made from premium quality PU with a lightweight, comfy printed nylon lining--can be worn every day, all spring, summer and fall
  • Umbrellas are lightweight and child-safe, perfectly sized for little hands, with a fun, easy to grip alien handle for extra play value
  • Boots are natural rubber with a fun, printed cotton lining and non-slip sole
  • Get matching Space Hero rainwear, backpack, hangers and more!

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