Sports Knee Brace - Adjustable with Compression for Knee Support

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This knee brace is designed for most people who have knee pain or like sport. With two adjustable aluminum hinges on each side not only can it effectively support your knee when you are doing sport and reduce stress on your knee but also relieve pain on your knee and reduce relapse if you have ever injured your knee. In addition made from neoprene it is very breathable.


  • Protect Your Knee In Sports: In order to reduce injuries in daily sports you need this knee brace to protect your knee. It can support your knee and relieve pressure when you exercise. It fits for lots of sports such as running tennis basketball weightlifting football climbing and yoga that most women like to do. Wear it in your sport you can gain more confidence and less pain!

  • Support Faster Injury Recovery & Pain Relief: If pain or injury in your knee is holding you back this knee brace is able to assist you to move again with less pain and fast recovery. It also supports pain relief from tears ACL MCL LCL injury strains arthritis bursitis and tendonitis to heal your knee and reduce relapse.

  • Dual Removable Aluminum Hinges for More Stability: Extra aluminum hinges added to the two sides of the knee brace enhance the stability of it reduce stress on your knee and is able to keep your knee firmly in the right place. In addition you can remove the hinges easily whenever you want.

  • Comfortable Experience with Premium Neoprene: For one thing the innovative front opening design makes it easy to put it on and take it off whenever you desire. For another thing made from premium neoprene this knee brace is soft to touch as well as breathable fast-drying and moisture-wicking which can give you a comfortable experience even you wear it all day!

  • 4-Size Options: Before purchasing you should measure the circumference of your arm. Bend your knee to 30 degrees and measure the middle circumference of your knee.

  • The material containing Latex may cause allergies so anyone who is sensitive or allergic to Latex should not use it.
  • Before purchasing you should bend your knee to 30 degrees and measure the middle circumference of your knee. Then choose one that fits you.


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