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When it comes to dressing for success although going down the “trendy” route can be tempting the conservative corporate look will always be the smarter option. In the world of business the image you portray through your choice of attire says a heap. It gives the message that you take your position your company and your career seriously. It says you’re a guy who’s going places. Whether you go for business casual or traditionally formal no look can be considered complete without a tie. How why and when exactly this strip of fabric elevated to become such an essential accessory in male attire is irrelevant. The fact is if you want to look professional a tie is indispensable. More importantly it is worn around the neck - is there a more prominently visual place? You look at a guy’s face and intentionally or not in a single glance you’ve caught his tie too. Any crease stain scratch is therefore noticed immediately! It’s even worse if you need to travel regularly for work. How do transport your beautiful ties without creasing or damaging them? A crumpled wrinkled tie reflects badly on your image and should be avoided at all costs. The TravelMate Tie Pouch has got your back. This tie case is a unique idea to keep your ties crisp and clean when you’re on the move. It takes care of protecting and transporting your beloved ties easily and efficiently. Even better it comes in a pack of two.


  • The TravelMate Tie case is a unique idea to keep your Ties Crisp and Neat even while traveling it's perfect for business and every occasion that needs a tie whilst traveling!
  • Our TravelMate Tie case is Lightweight and fits in a carry-on and will accommodate enough ties for a decent length trip.
  • The TravelMate Tie case is convenient to fit in your suitcase or garment bag
  • They are made of strong nylon so they are strong enough to prevent creasing but lightweights enough to fit the carry-on and is well constructed to hold up a long time.
  • The TravelMate Tie case is a really great gift idea.


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