TVOC Air Detection Purifier


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Selling points:
1. Gesture sensing control
2. Primary filter + HEPA11 + activated carbon 5000000 / cm3
3, round filter, 360 ° intake
4, air quality monitoring, temperature, humidity, negative ion working conditions.
5. Sheet metal materials
6, can be used in cars, homes, offices, etc.
7, eliminate odor, filter dust, purify PM2.5, remove harmful gases such as TVOC


Purification method: primary filter + HEPA + activated carbon + anion 5 million / cm3

Purifying substances eliminate odor, filter dust, disinfect PM2.5, remove harmful gases, such as TVOC
Control method: gesture sensing
Display: temperature and humidity digital screen
Air quality detection: TVOC sensor detection
CADR:> 7.7m³ / h
Maximum purification efficiency: 24m³ / h
Noise: <36dB
Remove PM2.5 efficiency: ≥99%
Removal of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC: ≥90% efficiency
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated power: <4W
Filter size:? 0? 160mm * H57mm
Fan type: turbo fan
Installation position: car water cup holder
Applicable space: <10m³

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