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In winter or chilly days feet always get cold followed by slow blood circulation decreased resistance and difficulty of falling asleep. Our electric thermal shoe insoles can be a great helper for these troubles. It can reach the comfortable constant temperature of the human body within 3 minutes. Safe and easy to use with included USB cables and adapter. Unisex and cutting design makes it suitable for men and women suitable women shoe size US 5 to men shoe size US 10.


Fast Heating Insoles: It takes only 3 minutes to warm up. Heat the pads up to 50℃/122℉ the insoles can effectively keep your feet warm and cozy in cold weather. The heating temperature is evenly distributed to promote blood circulation and warm your feet.

USB Electric Feet Warmer: Adopts USB power supply interface and can be connected to the adapter and mobile power such as computer or power bank. Easy to use just put on your shoes and plug in the power to enjoy the warmth.

Safe Use: Made of infrared carbon fiber heating material and running at a low voltage of 5V/2A the electric shoe insoles are safe and reliable to use.

Cutting: The Footwarmers can be cut according to your demand suitable for all kinds of shoes. Suitable US women shoe size 5 to men shoe size 10. Please measure your sole of bare feet before purchasing our insole warmer.

Washable: The heated insoles can be cleaned with water for recycling but when connecting the USB power supply please keep the interface away from water and dry the pads before use.

1. The output power should be greater than 1.8A otherwise the temperature may not be heated enough.
2. Unplug the power when not in use to avoid prolonged heating and to extend the service life of the product.
3. To protect the heating chip do not wear electric warm insoles for strenuous exercise.
4. The electric insoles can be washed like ordinary. Do not dip it into the water for a long time. And make sure to dry them when you use them again.
5. Please do not cut across the minimum size (women shoe size 5) otherwise it may damage the heating pads.


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