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The visor filters out 90% of harmful rays protecting your eyes effectively and from strong or high beam lights from car or other sources pointing directly at you while driving at night. This helps against sudden glare from bright sunshine and is particularly useful in low winter sunshine when the existing sun visor is inadequate. The car visor filters the armful light; reducing light pollution caused by eye diseases and protects the visual health.


  • Adjustable Anti-Glare Sun Visor protects against sun rays headlights tailgates damaging UV rays and blue light.
  • ANTI-GLARE - Zone Tech Car Day and Night Anti-Glare Sun Visor is a revolution in lens technology. It dramatically reduces the glare effect of the sun headlight tailgates and luminaries on nighttime vision. Furthermore it protects your eyes from damaging rays of the sun while still providing the clearest cleanest and sharpest color from all outdoors.
  • PROTECTS EYES AND SKIN - It is imperative to protect your eyes from harmful elements in the sunlight; especially while you're driving. The UV rays and Blue Light though not visible to the eye are absorbed through the eye and eyelid. They damage the delicate skin around your eyes causing wrinkles and in severe cased eye disease. With the Zone Tech Car Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor you can protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.
  • ENHANCES DRIVING- The Zone Tech Car Day and Night-Anti Glare will greatly enhance driving. Made out of sturdy and tough material it will clip onto the visor with a heavy-duty clip but still maintains several different positions. It works like a charm mitigating the blinding effect of intense sunlight diminishes distractions while driving.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installing the Zone Tech Car Day and Night-Anti Glare is very easy. It has a universal heavy-duty clip that will hold the structure on the vehicle’s visor. You can adjust the lens to its preferable position. It fits any type of vehicle so you can use it in your car van truck SUV etc.


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