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Pregnancy is one of the important events in a women's life which accompanies numerous physiological changes in order to accommodate the growing infant. Maternity care has highly advised expecting women not to sleep in the supine position. Supine position (lying on back) compresses the inferior vena cava leading to a cardiovascular compromise that translates into a reduced venous return decreased ejection fraction and cardiac output and impaired uterine perfusion (O'Brien & Warland 2015). Recently Nakai et al. (1998) proposed that prone position during pregnancy may offer complete relief of uterine compression ZZZnest Pregnancy Pillow's design can make the decline in the leg section combined with the raised bump in the center allows gravity to kick and decompress the lower back.


  • Helps Back/Shoulder/Hip Pain: Our decline in the leg section allows gravity to kick in to help with Upper and Lower Discomfort.
  • Laying Prone Encourages Proper Blood Flow: Pregnancy helps restore proper blood flow by relieving the pressure on the Inferior Vena Cava.
  • Get Rest/ Relieves Stress: Studies show that better sleep can decrease stress making you feel happier and more energetic.
  • Pool or Bed: The versatile ZZZnest can be used either in the pool while you get tan or outdoor to make a sitting nap!
  • Great for Massages: As the ZZZnest lets you lay on your belly you can have a loved one give you a massage while you relax.


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